Year Artist Title Role
2017 BRIAN! Chasms of Color and Thought Recorded, mixed, mastered
2017 Eric Athey Swirling Sea Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2017 Fieldings Soft Tissue Mixed, mastered
2017 Johnny Dowd Twinkle, Twinkle Mixed, mastered
2016 Anna Coogan The Lonely Cry of Space and Time Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2016 Red Ninja Posidub Mixed, mastered
2015 Fieldings Wild Release Mixed, mastered
2015 Johnny Dowd That's Your Wife on the Back of My Horse Mixed, mastered
2014 Mrs. Skannotto Outlier Mixed, mastered
2014 Steve Gollnick Somewhere in the Nowhere Co-produced, mixed, mastered
2013 Jeff Andrews and the Blessed Unrest Brothers' War (Give Up the Ghost) Mixed
2013 John Brown's Body Kings and Queens Mixed
2012 Bronwen Exter Junkyard Produced, recorded, mixed
2011 Eric Harvey Lake Dissapointment Mixed
2011 The Sutras Call Out We'll Find You Mixed, mastered
2011 Eric Athey Going & Gone Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2010 Hubcap Silencer Mixed
2010 The Sim Redmond Band Open The Door Mixed
2010 Johnny Dowd Wake Up the Snakes Mixed
2010 Jimkata Ghosts & Killers Produced, recorded, mixed
2010 New Neighbors Bookfight Produced, recorded, mixed.
2009 Jimkata Burn My Money Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2008 The Understudy What Not to Think About While in Love Mixed, mastered
2007 The Sutras Those are Mountains Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2006 Mamadou Diabate Heritage Recorded, mixed
2006 Eric Athey Time/Distance Produced, recorded, mixed
2006 Mary Lorson & St Low Realistic Mixed
2006 IY Two Letters Produced, recorded, mixed
2004 The Thins Postcard Angels Mixed, mastered
2004 Hubcap Between the Rails Mixed
2004 The Sim Redmond Band Shining Through Mixed
2004 Eric Athey Open House Produced, recorded, mixed
2003 The Sutras Thousandaire Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2003 Plastic Nebraska Stories of Happiness Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2002 John Brown's Body Sprits All Around Us Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2002 Hubcap Halogen Suns Mixed
2002 Hank Roberts Truth and Reconciliation Show Produced, recorded, mixed
2001 Gabriel Tavares Cipher Mixed
2001 The Sim Redmond Band Life is Water Mixed
2001 Elliot Martin Black Castle Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2001 The Fountains Roadsigns for Astronauts Produced, recorded, mixed
2000 Plastic Nebraska The Proudest Animal Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2000 Wingnut Color Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
2000 Kevin Kinsella I-Town Revival Mixed
1999 John Brown's Body Among Them Mixed 5 songs
1999 Madder Rose Overload/Overflow remix Remix
1999 Wingnut Big Ass Space Recorded, mixed, mastered
1999 Johnny Dowd Pictures From Life's Other Side Produced, recorded, mixed
1997 Sugarmoan Checkout Lady Produced, recorded, mixed